Rental Management

Rental Management

Got rental property?

Laguna Property Manager integrates all aspects of managing commercial real estate and prime commercial space. We are proud of our experience and talent in handling the wide variety of requirements and options that exist for industrial, office and retail clients.

We are committed to improving the value of your property by implementing a complete management package that manages all aspects of operation and building maintenance.

The Services we provide:

  • Property Assessment and Recommendations
  • Establishment of Market and Seasonal Rental Rates
  • Photography of Interior and exterior
  • Floor Plans and similar marketing collateral
  • Property Descriptions and names are developed
  • Rent-Ready Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Inventory kitchen appliances, linens, and sundries
  • Establish rules, regulations and on-site signage where necessary

We provide exceptional service to your tenants which, in turn, creates harmony in your buildings.  We go the extra mile to make certain that every area of the properties is well and completely maintained.

We offer:

                        * Luxury Rental Properties

                        * Furnished and Unfurnishe

                        * Single Family Homes

                        * Town Homes

                        * Individual Owners

                        * Corporate Owned

                        * Resort and Second Home Owners

Whether you require our service for locating tenants, completing paperwork and checking backgrounds or you want us to manage everything from beginning to end, we will design a package, tailored to your specific requirements.  When you are in the market for a management company, for listing or managing, please call us.

In addition to assisting in the leasing process, we can also manage your rental property. Many of our property owners have found this option to be highly cost-effective. By hiring a professional property manager, you can maximize profits and eliminate the hassle of managing a rental property yourself.

Contact us for more information at (949) 542-6578